Alma is the largest kingdom of men on Tabaxi, although not by much. It is located on the Westernmost shore of the Midmoon Continent, facing the Sea of Borrowed Souls in the North and the Walking Sea in the West. It borders the countries of Mudore to the South, PeƱapesara to the Southeast, and is separated from the Eastern Elvish countries by the Dunram mountains.


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Alma has four provinces, and a total of sixty counties and marches. Notable locations:


Contains Alma Castle and the ruling seat. The Wealdwood takes up much of the county and separates it from Waltzshire. Lord Jacob Wanderwell is the Earl of Almashire’s smaller county affairs.


The northern march between the Dunram mountains and the Sea of Borrowed Souls. Lord Alphonse Elric VI is the living Marquis. The city of Amestris is the central city of the county.


Capital: Bittenhollow. Lord Elmer Redcrown is the living Earl. Other locations: Hollowvale.


Which contains the major sea port of Bluewater.


A river valley which contains the city of Catenbridge. The Earl of Catenbridge is Lord Carrick Lightmace


The march that borders PeƱapesara, containing notably the city of Mercy. Lord Gordon Tearstone is the current Marquis.


The last city before the Dunram mountain regions in east-central Alma.


The march that borders the Arabian land of Mudore. Lord John Toland is the living Marquis. Southfist acts as both the capital city and the stronghold for the Order of the Crimson Cross.


A southern march along the Walking Sea. Includes the port city of Sungrace and the way-village of Seawhite.


A northern peninsular march that extends into the Sea of Borrowed Souls. Includes the city of Topsail.


Along the southwest stretch of the Wealdwood, this Barony proclaimed independence before a plague took it’s army and most of its populace. The King pardoned Lord Tramill, and the Wealdwood grew over most of the region. They are mostly ignored, but see themselves as an independent kingdom. Regions left:


The central county, under the lordship of the Earl of Waltzshire, Lord Jeremy Strattege IV. Waltzshire is home to:


Alma has been so named since the Imperial Age, and it is said that the city of Waltz was the original landing site for the colonists from Bara Druu. Not much information is left from before the War of the Empire but it is known that for generations after the Empire fell, Alma was covered in thick ice and darkness, until the ice slowly receded. Legend goes that the first King of the Burning Age, Hubard Skyreach I, was so well-preserved in the ice that when it melted around him he awoke as if from a night’s rest. House Skyreach ruled the land for six-hundred-and-forty years before war broke out amongst the houses, and House Skyreach was exterminated. House Redcrown ruled for one generation before being cast out and House Rambton has, since 667E, ruled Alma.

A full list of Alman Kings


King Beric II of House Rambton reigns sovereign over Alma. His four sons each reign over one of the provinces, and each province has been divided up by their respective Duke for the nobler houses to govern. The regions at the edge of the kingdom (marches) are ruled by Marquises and Marquesses, and the rulers of each march also have a seat on the Alma War Council, which advises the King in foreign affairs. Equally, each Earl of the counties (laying inland of the marches) has the honour of sitting on the Alma Peace Council which advises the King in internal affairs.



Full List of Alman Houses

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