Brovelen Whiteflash

A traveling Gnome Illusionists, senior Master of the Society for Illusionary Arts and master of Sedgewick Silverspore.

Master Brovelen was born in the year 554, son of a Tinker Gnome and a Rock Gnome. He took after his mother, a famed illusionist in her region, though was often thought an oddity with his traditionally Rock Gnomish name in a field dominated by Tinker Gnomes.

In the year 973 he encountered young Sedgewick Silverspore, a Rock Gnome with a curious penchant for illusionary arts unheard of in his people (owing to little-known Tinker Gnome blood in his ancestry.) He was especially impressed, and concerned by the boy’s use of instictual cantrip-level magic outside the domain of Illusion, such as Alteration and even minimal Divination. He accepted young Sedgewick as an apprentice for a year to temper the boy’s rambunctious penchant for spontaneous and dangerous accidental magic. Feeling too old to take on a true apprentice, he denied the boy’s plees to train him fully to journeyman rank, but still holds a soft spot for the young Gnome underneath a tired and cynical exterior.

He is the most senior of the very few Masters who include non-illusionary magic in their craft, with skill in low level Alteration and Conjuring.

Brovelen Whiteflash

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