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Special note from the DM: This Wiki is (obviously) a work in progress. By our next gaming session, it will be filled with important information, contributed by myself and you the players. I will be constantly filling it with places, characters, magic items, the pantheon of gods and goddesses, micro-breweries in Waltz, and other stuff throughout the campaign, so check the side bar to the right to see recent updates and in the meanwhile…

Tabaxi is a moon of a planet called Bara Druu. They exist in a di-solar system, with a Greater Sun and a Lesser Sun. Bara Druu has two other moons, known as Peridot and Onyx. It is said that life on Tabaxi began on the planet – that they once had the technology to move beyond the boundaries of the sky and colonize all other moons as well. This technology was wielded by something that is sometimes referred to as “The Empire of Ten” and sometimes “The Empire of Eight.” Tabaxi was a colony of this empire until war ripped the empire apart and Tabaxi was cast into a dark age from which they have yet to recover.



Not all of Tabaxi is currently mapped out, there are still unexplored lands beyond the corners of the map. Locations, in alphabetical order:

The Pantheon

There exist two great gods in eternal battle. Avalon, the god of goodness, and Malfador, the god of evil. They each have an army of lesser gods (or in Malfador’s case, fiends) to attend to smaller matters while the two great gods concern themselves with only the most vital conflicts.

In the service of Avalon, god of good and order:

  • Obad-hai The god of Nature and Woodlands.
  • Michelis The god of War.
  • Valencia The goddess of Love.
  • other gods coming soon to a metaphysical plane near you.

In the service of Malfador, god of discord and evil:

  • fiends will reveal themselves over time.

Global Organizations

Global organizations (as distinct from regional organizations) are multi-national alliances, unified by common goals, class, philosophy, or race. They are as follows:

The Story So Far…

We begin in Waltz…

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